Unable to adjust Brightness on my Lenovo G40


I am using a lenovo G40 Laptop and have recently changed from Ubuntu to superx. The installation was successful but i am not able to adjust the brightness on my laptop which is stuck on full. I did not have any such issue with Ubuntu. Could some one please help with this as i really liked the SuperX os and would like to continue using it but cant if the issue persists.



Please specify the Graphics Controller. Use: lspci | grep Graphics


Hi, thank you for your reply. i got the following output

“00:01.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Mullins [Radeon R4/R5 Graphics] (rev 05)”

hope this helps
My screen is still stuck on full brightness.



I had previously overcome the problem by changing the drivers in the driver manager recommended drivers to fglxr-updates, but not for some reason it has reverted back to Recommended drivers and the driver manager is not allowing me to change back to fglxr-updates. Whenever i change it to fglxr-updates it reverts back to recommended drivers.


Manually install the AMD Catalyst

  1. Download the driver found at the AMD website.
  2. Update your package repository “sudo apt-get update”
  3. Navigate to the folder where you downloaded the drivers. Open the terminal here
  4. In terminal run “sh amd-driver-installer-catalyst-13-X-x86.x86_64.run --buildpkg Ubuntu/trusty”
  5. Install the following packages
  6. In terminal run
    sudo ./amd-driver-installer-catalyst-13-4-x86.x86_64.run
    sudo dpkg -i fglrx*.deb
    sudo amdconfig --initial
  7. After this command, reboot your system. If all is right, the fglrx driver that corresponds to AMD Catalyst 13.x will be installed and working on your system. To confirm the drivers are working open a terminal and type:
    You should get an output similar to the following:

display: :0 screen: 0
OpenGL vendor string: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
OpenGL renderer string: AMD Radeon HD 6300M Series
OpenGL version string: 4.2.11733 Compatibility Profile Context

  1. You can open the Catalyst Control Center from SuperX App Center or just type “kdesudo amdcccle” in terminal.


The same problem of brightness is going with my laptop LENOVO E41-25, which have SuperX 5.0 OS . I can’t lower my brightness even if brightness management is in low setting


just download the packadge and inatall whose link i have given…


@Soneswar , if u use facebook join the group i have given below its the offical groups of user along with the developer of superx.