UEFI support and other questions


Dear users of this forum. I have a few questions about SuperX OS.

At start ofc. i want to say that this distro is awesome, beutiful and I enjoy responsivnes of it even on live USB stick. But ok lets back to questions:

-Does SuperX OS support UEFi? I was trying to find any informations about that (wiki, forum, fan sites) but there is notching about that or I missed this. I’m asking about that because when I change in my BIOS bot from UEFI to CSM, system installing proces is fine, but ofc because of that i can’t use my Windows 8.1 (windows 8 just can’t boot) alongside with SuperX. I was trying using UEFI and CSM option but it still crash at the end of installation proces of SuperX thats why Im asking just to find out what is the problem on my laptop.

-IF there is no UEFI support, have you any milestone focused on achieving support for that?
-Is there any milestones list?
-How old is this distro?

Best regards.


Hi @Aryo‌
Thank you for the appreciations. Some crashes are occurring when selecting certain languages, what language/timezone you trying to install with?

  1. We have UEFI support, try booting using UEFI and then if you need assistance, please let us know.
  2. No. But we do have internal plans that we will make public soon (some can be found mentioned here and their across this forum and our social networks)
  3. SuperX 1.0 was the first release, released on April 24th 2011. Although its origins are as old as 2007, but those were not public release.


Well. I checked in UEFI and as I see that I have crash when there is writen “configuring boot” or sometching like that.

I was trying to install SuperX in Russian language, timezone and keyboard layout, same with English US, English UK I got crash only when trying installing in polish and ukrainian.

Thanks you. For fast response.


I think right now about portitions on disc. I was using 1st (uppermost) where there is automatic resize of partitions and creating new one for SuperosX instead of manual. Maybe It is not recommended for UEFI installs?

I can try doing manual option, but is there any guide for “linux begginers”?


UEFI is a little tricky at times. While dealing with partitions while installing, choose manual partitioning. Create your drive for SuperX OS and mount it at /. And make the UEFI system partition (EFI boot partition) have a mountpoint /boot/efi. Upon installation GRUB EFI will be installed and you will be able to boot normally.


the installer keeps crashing. I have an imac and used English as the language. Have tried 32 and 64 bit both on dvd and thumb drive.Have burnt the dvd at a slow speed. All have crashed around the grub installation. Have used / as the mount point. Tried the previous version of Superx (2.1.1) and the same installer crash occured at the same point.
Any ideas? Was unable to report the crash as was unsure how to do it.


Please report the bugs here in the upstream: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity (reporting bugs as Ubuntu 14.04 will get more attention).

We’re also looking into the matter, and update ISO images as soon as we can find a fix.


I repaired problem by deleting windows 8 and changing boot type to CSM.

Now I have superX OS and windows 7 on my partition, and original key of W8 I will activate on another PC :smiley:


Thanks, I take it as love for SuperX. Really appreciate! :blush: