restone panel o task


hello my name is Roberto and I write from Chile, I am a simple taxi driver, and recycle old pc people thrown into the street, which we clean and updated and then give you social organizations I really liked your distro’s superxos is very fast, and a lot of useful software, but I have one problem in the bar below the rising of the clock, wifi, printer, delete something, when I open an application is not already out there, I tried to add new graphic elements but I could not find the solution.
would restore something like opening panel o task

    logout your kde desktop
    open console session by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F1
    give username and password
    rm -rf .kde/share/config/plasma-*
    now you can logout console session by logout command or pressing Ctrl+d
    now go back to your default graphical session by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F7
    now login and you will see your fresh new default panels

this is the solution


You can simply use superx-restore-desktop and log out and log back in to restore plasma desktop to default.

rm -rf .kde/share/config/plasma-* is not recommended as it gives non-default settings.