Problems with installation


Hello everyone, when trying to install, comes this message. UBI CONSOLE SETUP FAILED WITH EXIT CODE 141. FURTHER INFORMATION MAY BE FOUND IN /var/log/syslog
Someone can help me.
Thank you


Have you checked the md5sums of the install media?

The md5sums for the files are:

32-bit: d36e98a994c32747b1af1dbc173aecc8
64-bit: 374c1930e558f21ce226e2aa2855295b

You can use them to verify your downloads. Anyway, you can check the files here:

Once we are sure that your download isn’t corrupt, we can move onto the next suspect. Corrupted downloads cause lots of issues, so let’s verify that first.


Hi. Have the same problem. Even if you select the time zone of Russia, Vladivostok shows error. OS 64bit


@milinsky‌ we have been reported by many users that choosing non-English languages are crashing the installer. So can you please install using English then once installed, change your language to Russian (i guess that what you want). Let me know it that works.


This is the wrong way to solve the problem. Rebuild the image and make the update release/


This bug will be fixed in the next ISO update. I just told you what you can do now.


Choosing manual installation on either xfs, brtfs, results in grub installation on sdx1 and not sdx despite correctly choosing /dev/sdx as boot device. Have not tried ext4 but feel any manual install is problematic. Autopilot ext4 installation is fine. Otherwise distro is responsive and elegant. Congratulations.


@heop‌ I personally have a manual setup done with EXT4 and it works on all my computers. I will look into issues you pointed out.


Will the update iso Supex 3.0 Grace?


@milinsky‌ yes, we r working on some other fixes/changes as well and we will push them all together with a new ISO. Please wait a few days more.


@wrix is very good. I be wait.


Hello everyone, First sorry for my English, and I do not know if I can post here.
I did install the system entirely in English, because doing the installation with the language of my country, Brazil, was giving error.
But now I wanted to translate the system and how to do it?


@Carizzo‌ You can go to Control Panel > Locale and change the language from there.


When can we download the updated images? 7 machines waiting for installation.


When installing in english with a US keyboard layout, and New Zealand timezone the installer always crashes. Does anyone know what I could do?


Update ISO images will come up next month, will fix this issue. In the meantime, if you want, you can install in some other timezone (EST for instance) and then change the timezone.