Ooha! Icons Discussion Thread


So we’re doing a new icon theme called - Ooha!. The word “Ooha” means “imagination” in Telugu language.
The design of the icons is proposed to be based on Google’s Material Design.


Aren’t you guys thinking about a dock … with circle icons maybe ?


We are thinking to borrow some design elements from OS X but dock, we haven’t considered yet. Mainly the reason is dock is although very flashy and useful, its not what a common person from Windows background is used to. When someone buys a Mac, its his own decision and he know that it comes with OS X so its a mental preparation but for SuperX, majority of our users are coming from Windows background and they have never heard of a dock, and SuperX is getting installed in public places like colleges and universities (in India) so we need to keep it simple for the average computer user.


I have been running SuperX 3.0 for about 2 weeks now. The system is very stable and no crashes.
I also installed Cairo dock. So now I have SuperX 3.0 Launcher and Cairo dock.
So far I am impressed with SuperX 3.0. I also use Linux Mint 17.1 Mate desktop.

I have to install the following applications & plug-ins:
(1) Google Voice Plugin
(2) Icedtea Java Plugin
(3) Pipelight/Silverlight 5.1 Plugin
(4) Skype
(5) Quake

That is it. Please keep this distro simple and stable just like the Linux Mint team is doing to Linux Mint.


@ra3133‌ We will surely do.