Nvidia drivers problem.


Hello again.

Some of you maybe remember my last problem with UEFI. This time i have another one.

Well most of the time I was using my laptop with noveau drivers, but after I installed Steam I decided to change my driver on Nvidia, and here is my problem.

After Installing driver for my Nvidia Gf 710M and restarting system Im getting black screen and notching more right after loading screen of SuperX OS.
I was looking for ideas how to repair this on Ubuntu forum, but noone of them worked or were not for my problem.

If you will have any ideas how to repair it or change drivers to default ill be glad, because im not gonna leave this distro only because of few bugs on drivers. :slight_smile:


I will do some research and post here if I find something.




@Aryo Did you blacklist nouveau before rebooting?


No I only changed setting from Nouveau to Nvidia.