no search feature in dolphin


Hello all, first many thanks for creating the best implementation of KDE I have seen. You have removed many stumbling blocks that made KDE dangerous for newbies (I can’t count the number of times one of my employees came running to me because he accidentally removed the task bar or the launcher before I finally gave in and switched to a Cinnamon distro…). But perhaps you removed one too many for Super X to be a perfect fit for my company. Where is the file search feature? I find none either in Dolphin or in the launcher. Thanks, and again, congratulations on a wonderful distro!


Hey! Thanks for the appreciation. You can search using Control + F and filer using Control + I. Also, you can hit Control + M to show menu bar in dolphin which will allow you to configure Dolphin.

If you want your files to be indexed, for faster searching you can enable Desktop Search from Control Panel. Do note that indexing files require CPU cycles, we do not recommend on older systems.