New install problems

i just installed it. tried to find my local home network which it only showed my primary computer and printer, but not my secondary desktop. how do i fix it?

while i was looking at that…my resolution was 1920x1080 and suddenly it changed to 1020x 1200
and now i cannot reduce the window size. I rebooted into Windows 7 and again into LinuxMint and
both those OS showed 1920x1080 resolution…rebooted back into Superx 5 and guess what?
Max resolution is 1020x 1200. Geez.

Hi. Can you please some details, about you configurations like the graphics card as its quite hard to tell base on what you’ve said. If you need help to find you hardware details please comment, we will help you.

Hello…well, I just deleted the program when i tried to log in again…because my biggest complaint was that you require a LARGE password. that is not good at all !
everytime i want to do something i am asked for my password. Most distro’s would accept a very short password…even just two numbers OR two letters. If you can remove the
demand for a large password…I will try your program again and keep you advised
as to what problems i encounter. I did like the layout of your program.

I Download the OS and try to boot but in time loss the size of pendrive
can you tell me how to improve the problem?
Please please