New forum for SuperX is here


Hello World!

We’ve a new and improved forum for SuperX now. We have had issues with selecting the right forum software for SuperX but finally we have gone with Vanilla for its awesome customizability and simplicity.

The new forum has both standard forum and Q&A feature so you can start a discussion or if you have a rather simple question, just ask it as a question and best answers will be voted to the top.

We hope you will like the forum as much as we do. Its still going under cosmetic changes, but it is usable now :slight_smile:


Looks awesome! :smiley:


This looks nice :slight_smile:


Hi there!
Hope you all are liking it. :smile:


Am running Grace and it’s running pretty nice. Only bug I’ve found so far is when I try to wakeup my pc from suspend and I only see a blank screen and a cursor. Other than that it’s running pretty well. Keep up the great work!


I just installed SuperX a few minutes ago and I’m quite impressed with its looks and its efficiency. Congratulations on a beautiful job.


@davec51‌ thank you very much Sir!


While I am no Linux expert, I do like to play. I have run Crunchbang, Mint, LXLE, Elementary and Puppy in the past and this, surprisingly, is going to become my daily driver on my old laptop. Clean, quick, efficient, and just really well executed. Nicely done!


Run fast in my 1.5 GB computer, very good distro, Congratulations


Hi. I just installed SuperX 3 but I’m unable to login via the login screen. After typing in the password, the screen blanks out and returns back to the login again. Ctrl + Alt +F1 brings up the console where the password is accepted. Tnx in advance for your assistance.


@Willy‌ , please post a this in a separate thread, under General or Software and Applications category. Discussing here will end up a messy thread.


Tnx Will do.


Nice distro and lovely menu, some questions:
Is possible to tile the windows as in Cinnamon with SUPER+arrows? It is a command I use frequently and I would like to have something similar also with SuperX, I tried to install X-tile but it seems not working.
Have you a plann to use Plasma 5?


loving this os but want to know how to put on 7 inch tablet runninng windows 7