Login assistance


Hi. I just installed SuperX 3 but I’m unable to login via the login screen. After typing in the password, the screen blanks out and returns back to the login again. Ctrl + Alt +F1 brings up the console where the password is accepted. Tnx in advance for your assistance.



Press CTRL+ALT+F1 and log in there (command-line) and run: sudo chown -R $USER:$USER $HOME

Then press CTRL+ALT+F7 and try to log in from GUI again. Let me know if this works.


Did not work. I ended up creating another user and deleting that first profile. The new user has no problem at login. I’m giving SuperX a spin and liking it thus far. Congrats on the os flavour.


I tried the same suggestion. I am asked for my su password which will not work. Without that I cannot create a new user and delete like above.


@kentuckylodge‌ what happens when you type in the password?