How to bring back Windows 8 in grub2 menu, along with SuperX?


I originally had Windows XP and Windows 8 on different partitions installed along with 3 other partitions. (I am not sure which one of them was logical (if any); I was much less wise about partitions while installing those). Recently, I decided I no longer needed Windows XP and installed SuperX 2.0. My current partition table is as shown below -

Initially, the PC directly booted into SuperX without even showing the grub menu. Trying to find solutions, I used the boot-repair tool
( Boot Repair). It seemed to work fine. It detected the presence of Windows and the grub menu did appear, but only with the SuperX options , Windows was missing from the menu.

I know that it is not normal for Windows to boot from a logical drive. However is there still any way to get the Windows 8 to boot again?


Please try:

sudo os-prober and then;
sudo update-grub2

Let me know if it works.


Sorry Wrix, that didn’t work out. The first command showed no output (I donno if it was supposed to) and the second one found Superx but not Windows. :frowning: