Driver Manager


Not sure if this is a bug or something went wrong in the install. I booted with the live cd and was able to install the BCM43142 driver for my wireless card. After installing to the hard drive, Driver Manager would see the wireless card but when I clicked to use the BCM43142 driver it would start installing but would not finish. It was not an issue, I just installed the driver manually from the cd and was good to go. I just wanted to let you know in case it was a bug or something.



Thanks for the heads up.


Dell e1640- driver manager won’t see squat… kernel is up to date, intel drivers are installed and seen in noobslab ddm… no support in superx?


Acer Aspire 5332 has the same issue, nothing seen o the driver manager at all! Help! The trackpad wont work and freezes so makes everything fairly useless. Any Idea’s?