Delete task switcher widget from panel


Thank you for your Masterpiece, SuperXOS is great.
I wonder, why task switcher widget could not be deleted from panel?
I wanted to add icon switcher - did it, but did not found way how to delete task switcher widget from panel.
I would be appreciate if you help me


We have locked default widgets in SuperX, so that people with no prior experience of KDE, do not mess up. One of our large user bases includes new Linux users, which are Windows migrants and also colleges and companies in India, where people just want to get work done and do not like “fixing” the user interface much (we’ve had nightmares of support calls from paying clients who accidentally delete their panel or some important widget like the task switcher during SuperX 1.x and 2.x days). However, what you want can be done. Just follow the instructions below.

  1. Open the file ~/.kde/share/config/plasma-desktop-appletsrc with Text Editor.

  2. Look for the following content (you can hit Control + F and search for “tasks” to find quickly):

[Containments][1][Applets][4] geometry=72,2,1266,32 immutability=2 plugin=tasks zvalue=0

Here, change the value of immutability from 2 to 1, and save the file.

  1. Now, logout and log back in. You can now delete the task switcher.

You can do the same for any other (default) widget which is locked.