Date and time display on panel


I want to move the display of the date and time to the far right position on the panel. It’s now located near the left side. Can I do this? Thanks.


By default, the date and time (time by default) is located on the right side itself As shown in the screenshot below:

You can Right Click > Panel Settings on the panel, and then drag the clock to the right.

Did you manually dragged the clock to the left or it was like that from start? If it was like that from the start then please provide a screenshot as it maybe due to some broken configuration that happened during initial boot after installation.


When I try to drag it, it snaps back to its position on the left. Very strange. I’ve attached a screenshot. Is there something in the config I should be looking at? Thanks.


We have a simple solution for these sort of problem, which are unpredictable and “strange”.

Open the Terminal and type in the following command ONE BY ONE and in correct order.

  1. superx-restore-desktop
  2. killall plasma-desktop
  3. plasma-desktop

Remember to execute in correct order and one by one, and wait 1-2 seconds between each command.

This is actually a hack, that factory resets the desktop. It has not been widely used by us (only introduced in SuperX 3.0), only done internal testing, So if you encounter any problem, let us know.


Fixed!!! Thanks so much.


Welcome :smiley: