crash installer


hello !! sorry for my english first.
i have tried to install superxOS two times.
one with dvd and one with usb key!!
the two times installation crashed!!
Do you think i must try to download an another iso???
it’s a crash in two times
first when i install time region( france paris), the second for installing keyboard in french!!!
is there a relation between them??
I’m precising that i have two partitions installed
once with majaro linux works fine , the second is freei
i hope i can install succesfully superx OS because i like it very much
thanks for answers!!!



We’re being reported my many that the installer is crashing when selecting certain languages. We really regret for this, as this did not show up during the QA stage. The solution at the moment is to install SuperX using English and then change the language to your preferred language, French.

We’ll release updated ISO images as soon as we’re able to find a fix to the issue. Sorry for inconvenience caused.


thank for answer
the most important is to have an alternative
i install superx OS in english and i give you feedback
thanks again


Well you got further than I did. I tried a usb stick, then a dvd and I get nothing but a black screen every time. Is there a way to boot with nomodset? If so I can’t find it.


installation made!!
in english of course!! made update and i have changed locale to french.
some folders stay in english but very usefull!!
nice job!!
maybe a version archlinux based???it’s a joke!!!but why not??
thanks again for this good job!!!


hi bubbablues
first do you have think to change the boot order in bios?
because it’s seems to me, very strange ,to have a black screen at each boot!!!
give me more informations
thanks a lot


Hi BubaBlues.

If you mean that you’re stuck at a black screen right after choosing the boot source, and you have uefi enabled. It might have an issue with uefi. Change uefi to CSM / Legacy or whatever your bios is calling it and try again