Changing screen resolution in Display Configuration (VirtualBox)


I can’t figure out how to change from the default display configuration of 640x480. I am running in virtualbox, and have used the driver manager to install the virtual guest box service, and in other linux distros, this has changed the display fill the laptops entire screen, but this doesn’t seem to happen with SuperX. Could someone please give me a tip. I really like the distro, but it would be difficult to continue using it unless I can solve this problem. Thanks for any help.


Hello, please install guest addons from the ISO once you have installed the OS in your VM. In the VM window, click Devices > Insert Guest Additions CD Image…. I have attached a screenshot for your convenience. This will mount the guest addons ISO as a removable disk in your SuperX install, open that disk and double-click Now you will be prompted for your password, supply your password and wait for the installation to finish. Once installation is done, restart the VM to get your fullscreen resolution.


Wrix, Thank you for your quick response. I could not view the image, could you please resend it? I assume that the “Devices > Insert Guest Additions CD Image…” to which you refer is in the Oracle VM software. Is that correct?


Yes, in the Oracle VM software, when the VM is running.

Link to image:


Wrix, Thanks for the link to the screen shot. That did the trick. Thanks so much. I really like the Super