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Britain to take off? Premier League will meet the huge earthquake: bid farewell to buy buy Wenger to cry

The first round of the playoffs, Welsh in Northern Ireland and the British team will catch on the athletic field. Prior to this, the brothers with England, and missed the European Cup in Scotland, and worry about the things, that is facing British referendum on whether to leave the EU.
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De ou, for the UK's political, economic and other fields will have a profound impact, will also affect the future of the British football. If you come true, the British football is likely to become an island in the future of European football. The prosperity that the Premier League has brought for English football will no longer exist.

The Premier League can not buy buy

Even if the Premier League is not the first league in Europe, but also the world's most profitable league. 2015, the total value of the Premier League team up to 8 billion 400 million pounds. Premier League team last summer in the transfer market with a total investment of up to 11.7 billion euros, and La Liga Serie A Bundesliga spent a total of also only 15.59 billion euros, Premier League not much higher than.
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De Blau Hei and Marshall last summer for a high price move to the Premier League players, most of them from EU countries. Imagine, if the UK is really out of Europe, the big boss in the Premier League, even waving a blank cheque book to buy a big buy, will encounter more blocked. Because foreign players to enter the British football, the difficulty will certainly become more complex, cumbersome transfer procedures will certainly make people feel collapse. At that time, the transfer of foreign players are required to apply for a visa, thereby increasing the time required for the transfer.

Specialized in Daniel Alfred transfer contract related matters lawyers had expressed concern, "the Spain or Poland players move to the Premier League, Friday move Saturday will be able to play", but after off Europe may a week or two players to debut.
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Have an EU passport players can be free to play in England, they do not have to conform to the British Ministry of the interior of labor certification standards, the most important is the holding the EU passports to non British players is now the Premier League players from overseas "main force". According to the analysis of the top two league matches in England and Scotland, a total of 332 players will be directly affected. In the Premier League, more than 100 players will be affected. The number of players who have been hit in the lower leagues is more.

Famous manager Simon Beliff said, the value and influence of the Premier League will be falling, after all, the club's overseas players will be reduced a lot, it must be a decline in the attractiveness of the fans."

The collapse of the English Premier League

A work permit may on has been famous million players had little effect, only need to wait for several weeks for the duration of the visa, but for the young players, but it may missed the Premiership's youth system. The English Premier League team is hard to dig a little C ROM, little Fabregas and other players, and wait for them to grow up.

According to the British Football Association, foreign players must have a certain degree of appearances in their national team to get the British work permit, and this proportion is linked with the national team. This means that all the European talent boys will be far away from the Premier League because they can't get enough time to play.
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West Ham United FC chairman Karen Bradley in a letter sent to the all England Club boss letter, this paper describes in detail the British off European football in England caused enormous impact: "the US and Europe separated, will bring devastating consequences...... Cut off collecting European Talent Bridge, will make the competitive level of the Premier League is greatly reduced, from the gap between the Premier League and other European clubs will more and more. "

Let Arsenal as youth model, Wenger also said, once Britain finally off Oh, the British Isles football will have a great impact, the Premier League will be very difficult to introduce foreign players: "the British off Europe, bring a series of problems. By that time, the Premier League will look like the European Union players like this now? For example, if the British eventually take off, then the French players in the Premier League situation, the same as a South American player, he also needs to obtain labor permits to debut. Obviously this would adversely affect foreign players landing in England football. Is Britain going to choose that way? If the final exit, it will bring endless problems to the premier league." And this, to focus on training my Wenger, is probably the most difficult to accept.

The British Guozihao will benefit
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If Britain from the European Union and does not change the work permit policy, then for the development of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland local players will benefit more, even said New Zealand and Australia this Commonwealth countries will also be dipping. Agent Rachel Anderson think this is a good thing: "from the EU for the influence of English football is far more than people imagine, we discussed the work permit problems is just a part of the. The British off Europe in the short term to English football will have a huge impact, but from a long-term point of view, which for the development of English football should still can have a positive impact, at least it looks like the team will because of work permit problems, more attention to local players training ".

England's level has been declining over the past few years, but their appearance is still attracting a lot of attention. England group's first cup tournament
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