Support for Xfce/Cinnamon

Hi Everyone,

Let me state right away that I am pretty new to this forum (in fact, joined today) and appreciate the hard work going on at LibreSoft. I have been a long time user of Linux (since around 2003-4) and have dabbled with a number of distros over the years. While I am partial to Gnome 2 & Cinnamon, I have recently tried ChaletOS with Xfce and became a fan of its noob friendly UI.

I would like to volunteer if you guys are planning to integrate a Xfce/Cinnamon release. I don't have any dependable statistics mentioning any of the DE's as clear favorites, but considering overall popularity of Linux Mint & Xfce distros in recent past (source: I can suggest it's worth a try.


  • I did found this statistic: which shows Xfce to be much more popular than I originally thought :smile:
  • wrixwrix Administrator

    Thank you for your interest in SuperX and also willingness to contribute. SuperX is a KDE centric, distribution and we want to keep it that way only, because we feel that having more than one DE, results confusing people, people from Windows background mainly (our user base). Further, we only were able to make SuperX way it is because we focused on KDE only, designing something needs focus and we want to be focused. Thank you, we really appreciate.
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