Create environmentally friendly products that are conducive to the living environment

The initial contact Bo for the ecological wood, green wood can be a lot of people easy to use this material and other natural wood and preservative wood equate, it is not true. As a Bo for the exit of environmental protection technology sheet products, it is built on a natural basis, based on the use of natural conditions and artificial means to work together to create a healthy living products. With wood, ecological wood is not blindly abused natural resources, but the use of artificial, composite, recyclable, and natural harmless materials, which is conducive to the entire large ecological environment, the establishment of a harmonious living environment.
Other solid wood flooring to sacrifice the natural environment and the chaos of the trees is not a scientific way of ecology, its products from a certain sense is not ecological wood. Bo is the ecological wood and the general difference between the wood material is not only for the use of people pay attention to environmental health, but also focus on the protection of the natural environment.
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